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Charleston Family YMCA
spirit of the valley
YMCA of Kanawha Valley is pleased to announce that Governor W Gaston Caperton III will be honored this year with the 2014 Spirit of the Valley award. The goal for this year's Spirit campaign is $315,000.

The Spirit of the Valley Award recognizes exemplary community service, which benefits all people of our Kanawha Valley. The individual receiving the award manifests, in his or her life and deeds, the selfless concern and care for their community, which constitutes the essence of our Valley’s proud spirit.

This is a person who quietly gives of themselves, their time and their resources when the Valley’s citizens need them. Their commitment, persistence, good judgment and joyful heart only enrich the fabric of life in our Valley.

No form of award or recognition can adequately express our gratitude for the good works this leader performs. Nor, of course, do they expect any such recognition, for the real satisfaction of volunteerism is personal and private. In presenting the Spirit of the Valley Award, the YMCA simply acknowledges the benevolence of this fine person and as a shining light in hopes of inspiring others to follow.

The inscription on the award, “For charity and wisdom, patience and humility”, is taken from the admonition of the good Saint Francis.

The Spirit of the Valley serves as the annual fundraising campaign for the YMCA of Kanawha Valley. The membership and the community at large are asked to give to the Spirit Campaign in honor of each year’s recipient. The proceeds of this campaign benefit the YMCA Community Assistance Scholarship Fund, which assists individuals and families in becoming part of Y membership or programs no matter what their financial circumstances. In 2013, hundreds of children and families benefited from over $200,000 in contributions, allowing them access to YMCA child care, aquatics, youth sports and health and wellness facilities. Recipients can request the program(s) of their choice to receive part of the proceeds. Even though this is a significant amount of support, it still does not meet the scholarship needs of all the children and families who use our YMCA childcare and additional services.

Click here to download the 2014 Spirit of the Valley Pledge Card.

Click here to download the 2013 Spirit of the Valley Journal.

Click here to download the 2012 Spirit of the Valley Journal.

Click here to download the 2011 Spirit of the Valley Journal.

Luncheon Wednesday, August 20
12:00pm @ Charleston Civic Center

Tickets: $175 each

Click here to download the Spirit of the Valley Tribute Ad Specifications.

For more information contact LeeAnn Doyle at 304.340.3527 or email

Past Recipients
1985 - John M. Wells Sr.
1986 - Sidney P. Davis Jr.
1987 - Bert Bradford Jr. M.D.
1988 - Lawson W. Hamilton Jr.
1989 - James M. Poindexter
1990 - Isaac N. Smith Jr.
1991 - James R. Thomas II
1992 - Warren Point, M.D.
1993 - Lyell B. Clay
1994 - Martha G. Wehrle
1995 - William T. Brotherton Jr.
1996 - Angus E. Peyton
1997 - Thomas E. Potter
1998 – John L. McClaugherty
1999 - Bertie Cohen
2000 - Thad D. Epps
2001 - Joseph C. Jefferds Jr.
2002 - Lewis N. McManus
2003 - John F. McGee
2004 - Betty Schoenbaum
2005 - John Wells Jr.
2006 - Edward H. Maier
2007 - Dr. Ed Welch
2008 - J. Holmes Morrison
2009 - Charles T. Jones
2010 - Brooks F. McCabe Jr.
2011 - Nelle Ratrie Chilton
2012 - T. Randolph Cox
2013 - K. Richard C. Sinclair

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